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WOOL…The original soft fiber!  Wool is soft, safe, durable and environmentally friendly.  There is a reason why so many antique area rugs that have survived generations were made from wool fiber.  Hotels in Las Vegas, where carpets endure millions of footsteps each day, rely on wool carpets to perform to the highest standards demanded by the hospitality industry.  Wool carpets and rugs clean wonderfully and retain their original appearance throughout their long, useful life!

Wools of New Zealand supplies the carpet and rug industry with the finest available wool fiber.  New Zealand wool is  the purest, cleanest, sturdiest wool fiber in the world.  Clean and white, New Zealand wool makes for the purest and most brilliant colorations necessary for production of beautiful carpets and rugs.  Wool fiber from Wools of New Zealand must past stringent tests to warrant bearing this prestigious label.

Moorman's Distinctive Carpets and Area Rug s has been home to one of the largest and most complete collections of wool products for your floor in the southwest.  For 45 years, Henry Moorman and his staff have found unique, fashionable and reputable sources who supply fine wool carpets and area rugs.  From domestic gems featuring Karastan Carpets and Area Rugs to our designer inspired imports from Schumacher, Stanton, Nourison, Bellbride and more.

Synthetic carpets have tried to duplicate the many favorable features of wool carpet, but have never perfected an accurate clone.  Today, almost every nylon carpet features applied stain protectants and the newest technology in "soft yarn" reproduction.  Texture retention and wear warranties are posted in effort to give the consumer some sort of confidence that it can perform, wear and maintain its appearance like a wool carpet.  Wool, in its natural state, is the softest, most resilient, soil resistant and cleanable fiber in the industry.  Wool carpet will maintain its original appearance longer, clean better and can last for years to come.

Wool carpets are an environmentally responsible product…biodegradable and a renewable resource.  Wool absorbs contaminants in the air, actually improving the air quality in your environment.  Wool carpets and area rugs are "fire safe"*


~ Naturally flame retardant   ~ Difficult to ignite, requiring a high ignition temperature
~ Low flame spread   ~ Low heat release properties, low heat of combustion
~ Does not melt or drip (if used vertically)   ~ Forms insulating, cool char and self-extinguishes
~ Contributes less to smoke or toxic gas formation

(compared to synthetic carpet fibers)




*copyright 2000 Wools of New Zealand