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Karastan: Luxury and Style Sales Items


For 45 years, Moorman's has defined "style" when it comes to fashion for your floor.  You'll find the newest introductions in carpet and the most up-to-date colors in our broadloom showrooms.  The finest in luxurious imported wools to stylish, yet affordable, domestic carpets.

You can always find value at Moorman's Carpets .  We always have several "Special of the Month" selections, our featured products for the month at promotional prices!  No matter what price fits your budget, you can trust the professionals at Moorman's to help you find the best possible products for your floor.


New carpet is a big investment in your home.  Make sure you get good advice to make the right choices that will give the highest yield on this investment. 

There are several important issues and choices that you should consider before making a decision about carpet for your home.

First, where will you purchase your carpet?  Moorman's Distinctive Carpets and Area Rugs has been providing Oklahomans with quality carpets and reliable service for 45 years…Good Choice!

Second, what style and color of carpet will catch your eye and fit your décor?  Moorman's has every imaginable style, texture, pattern and color available…you'll have to make this choice!! But we'll be glad to advise as you go!

Next, what fiber fits your needs and budget?  Moorman's professional staff understands the benefits of wool and synthetic carpets, and can steer you towards the best choice in fibers, without breaking your budget!

Additionally, does a name brand mean much in your carpet purchase?  Moorman's features several brands of carpet that stand above the rest, such as Karastan, Customweave and Schumacher, but has many others not as well known, that can provide excellent performance at reasonable prices.  The most important name you should consider is that of the retail store that you buy from.  Moorman's has developed a reputation of providing the finest carpets and excellent service at the best possible prices!

Next, how about the best cushion to go with your carpet choice?  Moorman's standard pad is a premium grade sponge rubber product that most stores would call their "best" choice.  Want an even more luxurious feel under foot…we've got the right upgrade!

And next, maybe the most important issue: who can install your carpet?  Moorman's uses the most reputable workrooms and installation services in OKC.  You'll want our finest artisan for your imported woven wool carpets that need special attention.  Even our standard installation package features expert professional crews, bonded and insured, whose craftsmanship is warranted for the life of your carpet!

Finally, proper maintenance of your carpet throughout its lifetime can extend its presence in your home.  Every carpet at Moorman's meets the highest standards in quality and style.  But, sooner or later, you will need to have your carpet cleaned.  Moorman's can recommend OKC's best cleaning services.  If it's just a spot or spill, Moorman's has cleaning kits available in the showroom.